Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Bernd-Eric Brenter har ordet:

"Dear WinterSport Enthusiasts!

UNLIMITED SNOWBIKE ACCESS to more than 100 Snowbike Rent&Learn Stations worldwide in Europe, USA, Kanada and Japan has proven the success of the Snowbike Snowsports. But on top of that we do have unlimited access to all Austrian, German, many Italian, Spanish, French and Swiss skiareas as well as to many US and Canadian resorts such as Whistler, Keystone, Telluride, Sunshine ....
In total I would think we do have unlimited access to more than 1000 ski resorts.

SAFETY! I gladly can show you our insurance confirmation: after 8 years of doing business in USA, Kanada and the rest of the world we still do not have one single claim. This proves the safety maybe more than every other statistics.

NEW GUESTS! In Austria, where Snowbike is welcome on every slope and lift, lift operators do earn money by selling lift tickets. Thus they are very much interested to attract new customers as well as serve existing clients the best they can. - In a declining Skier Market - according to SIA in USA the number of active skiers dropped down by more than 30% within the last decade - the question really is, what alternative to a proven system like Snowbike (with 8 years of trackrecord in USA without a claim) does the ski industry have to attract new customers for the numerous downhill slopes?

Best wishes from Salzburg
Bernd Brenter
CEO of Brenter Snowbike & CEO of ÖSBLV
NASBA Director of Snowbike Training"
(Dr. Bernd Brenter - bilden ovan - är världsledande skibobexpert)
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